A vaccination is considered of greatest clinical importance.

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A vaccination is considered of greatest clinical importance.  If administered at the correct time when the animal is in the best of health, vaccines are recognized as one of the most important pillars of preventative medicine.

In our particular view when dealing with young patients, it is strongly recommended  that the first vaccination is carried out as soon as possible, particularly as at this stage, the immaturity of their immune system poses the greatest risk of infection. Depending on some factors characteristic of each patient such as habitat, age or physical condition, we will recommend an appropriate safe and effective vaccination.  In order to ensure the maximum success of this procedure, and be able to anticipate any possible diseases, we conduct a comprehensive review of the patient prior to administering any vaccination.  Consequently, we recommend that you make an appointment to ensure that your pet receives the proper care. For dogs, we recommend an annual vaccination for parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis and respiratory viruses. The annual rabies vaccination is mandatory.  Recently a vaccine against leishmaniasis has arrived on the market a vaccine, and we will advise you on procedures and effects of this vaccine. Additionally, it is important to vaccinate cats against cat flu, feline leukaemia and feline gastroenteritis. Dogs and cats often contract any of these diseases, some of which can be fatal